Registration Procedure Of Health Trade License

In India, to conduct business that deals in goods and services that affects the health of consumers at large, the government mandates the obtaining of Health Licenses. Primarily there are two kinds of licenses

  • Health Care License
  • Health Trade License

Health Care Licenses are issued to the entities dealing in medical care to provide assurance of authenticity.

Health Trade Licenses are issued by municipal corporation. This license works like a certificate permitting the operating of the business engaging in goods and services that directly affect the health of the general public.

The licenses must be obtained by the entities prior to the commencement of business. The various businesses that require this license are ice factories, eating houses like restaurants, cafes, sale of milk and milk products, medical shops, manufacturing drugs, and so on.

Documents For Obtaining The Health Trade License

The below following documents/records are to be furnished at the time of submitting the application form for obtaining the trade certificate.

  • Payment proof of property taxes, fines, etc
  • Site/layout sanction plan
  • Plan of premises
  • Proof of ownership
  • The latest copy of electricity and water bills
  • Medical certificate
  • Self declaration
  • NOC from the commissioner of police/fire services department
  • List of ancillary commodities
  • Water testing report
  • Sewer connection proof
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