Barcode Registration

With industrialisation, the increase in the number of products has made identification a tedious task, and hence there was a need for devising a system that would help in easy identification. And therefore in the year 1970, George J Laurer invented the system of the Universal Bar Code in the USA.

Barcode is a machine-readable image that is characterised by parallel lines varying in width and spacing between them and digits. Barcode is used to encode product details such as product numbers, serial numbers and batch numbers instantly.

It is used for product identification and used widely in supermarkets, clothing stores, malls, etc. and has inherent benefits like the elimination of errors, cost-effectiveness, time-saving and ease of managing inventory. This global identification system assists all the parties in the supply chain like manufacturers, logistics and wholesalers to identify the products easily.

How Do Businesses Use Barcodes?

Barcodes are used to provide a unique symbol, often parallel lines and a number, that can be read by the scanner to populate all the information of the product from the database. Business houses use the barcodes for the following:

  • Inventory database - Large departmental stores with thousands of products manage their inventory through the barcode system. All the phases of the product cycle from manufacture to sale are tracked through the code.
  • Asset tracking - All businesses today hold a large chunk of IT assets, and hence the barcode system is used for tagging and tracking the assets in the asset software.
  • Tracking returns - The barcode system can be used for tracking returns, especially so in the online shopping world. Barcodes can also be attached to invoices so as to ease the tracking of payments from customers.

Documents For Barcode Registration

  • Letter requesting allotment of barcode
  • PAN card of the entity
  • Copy of audited balance sheet
  • GST/VAT registration certificate
  • Certificate of incorporation/partnership deed
  • Memorandum of Association/Articles of Association
  • Copy of cancelled cheque

Fees For Barcode Registration

The fees for barcode registration is dependent on the following:

  • urnover of the company
  • umber of barcodes required
  • ubscription period
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